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In line with our aim to promote U.K. designs and skills, The Sampler Guild are pleased to offer a range of hand dyed linens by Katie Trendell of 'an Elne of Lynnyn..'. These linens come in a variety of beautiful, delicate shades and are guaranteed 'colourfast' making them very special indeed! Linens are available in all the popular counts, and Aida and other surface embroidery fabrics can be supplied as special orders. The wonderful subtlety of these linens can not be reproduced by photograph, they have to be seen..


Salamander - a 'tea-dyed' linen
with tasteful peachy overtones.


Uriel - A peaceful 'space-dyed' linen reminiscent of those summer skies from
our childhood.

- A sumptuous 'space-dyed' linen with shades of lilac, blue and pink.

Puck - Another 'tea-dyed' linen but with a beautiful sandy cast.

Arial - A gentle medley of sea blues and greens grace this 'space-dyed' linen. 

Linens are supplied pre-edged in the following sizes:

Fat quarters          20" by 27" (50cm by 75cm)          £12.75 plus p & p
Long quarters        10" by 54" (25cm by 150cm)         
£12.75 plus p & p
Fat halves              27" by 40" (75cm by 100cm)        
£25.50 plus p & p
Long halves            20" by 54" (50cm by 150cm)       
 £25.50 plus p & p
Full metres            40" by 54" (100cm by 150cm)       
£51.00 plus p & p

Please note that:
a) All sizes are approximate because of the dyeing process.
b) Prices given here are for 32 count linen and does not include postage and packing.
Please specify which colour(s) you require when ordering
d) PLEASE NOTE! The process of photographing and reproducing the images on this
web-site does not do justice to the subtle tones and hues of the linens - each piece of
material is quite unique!

Unevenweave Linen

There is also a limited amount of unevenweave linen available:

1m of Natural linen, 38 by 42 count (£28 per metre)

3m of Oatmeal linen, 44 by 48 count  (£28 per metre)

3m of Natural linen, 44 by 54 count (£28 per metre)

5m of Antique White linen, 40 by 50 count (£16 per metre).

Please contact Linda to order.

Linda Hadden
The Sampler Guild
4 Courtfield Drive

E-mail: linda@thesamplerguild.co.uk

Telephone: +44(0)1628-634274

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