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How to Order

If you wish to purchase any items, please contact Linda (or Mike) directly on 44(0)1628-634274 or by email at linda@thesamplerguild.co.uk  and place your order. Your goods will be dispatched to you with an invoice enclosed.

When you receive the goods and invoice, please send a cheque by return to cover the cost of the goods and postage and packing charges as shown on the invoice - it's as simple as that.

Please note that this system works on an old-fashioned principle of trust - we are very rarely let down and we really do not want to have to change the way we work. Please respect the fact that we trust you to pay for your goods when you receive them - thanks in anticipation!

Becoming a member is just as easy as ordering goods - contact the TSG office and talk to Linda or Mike.

Linda Hadden
The Sampler Guild
4 Courtfield Drive

E-mail: linda@thesamplerguild.co.uk

Telephone: +44(0)1628-634274

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