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 Edwina Ehrman - The Judith Hayle Samplers


"The Judith Hayle Samplers" by Edwina Ehrman is priced at £10.00 plus postage and packing

To place your order, please contact Linda.

"Remember thy Creator": Scottish girls`s samplers 1700-1872

This book is now sold out, but a downloadable pdf version is available from http://books.socantscot.org/digital-books/catalog/book/8

Entitled "Remember thy Creator": Scottish girls`s samplers 1700-1872, is published by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

This richly illustrated book looks at samplers made in Scotland and their place in the education of girls, placing them within the social context of the period.
This time span covers the first emergence of a unique Scottish style and ends with the introduction of the 1872 Education (Scotland) Act.

The contents are wide-ranging, including a brief history of samplers in general, the documentary evidence for samplers in Scotland and the earliest surviving pieces. Schooling for girls and the importance of plain sewing samplers are dealt with before looking at embroidered examples and the various types found in Scotland and how certain designs appear to be specific to this country.  An important aspect of Scottish samplers is the use of family initials that allows for tracing the makers in various archive sources. The use of verses on samplers concludes with an appendix tracing the source of all so far known to have been used in Scotland.  Extensive colour photographs of pieces in public and private collections, some of which have never been published before, are used throughout the book and there is also a charted design of a surviving sampler.

Remember thy Creator will appeal to anyone interested in the history of textiles, social history and women’s education in Scotland and the wider world.

"Remember thy Creator": Scottish girls`s samplers 1700-1872 is priced at £17.50 plus postage and packing to TSG members and £20.00 plus p&p to non-members.


Tokens of Love 'The Provenance, Purposes and Constituents of English Needlework, Samplers of Poor Girls, and their life in Poor and Orphan Schools'

by Vivian Crellin.

TSG member Vivian Crellin's book is published by The Sampler Guild. This is a deeply researched labour of love covering the provenance, purposes and constituents of English needlework samplers, with a description and explanation of samplers from charity, poor and orphan schools. The book includes chapters on the history and traditions of English samplers, the needlework of men and Celtic traditions in the Isle of Man, Wales and Scotland, as well as forty coloured illustrations and thirty in black and white.
This is a must-have, authoritative work of reference that will find its way onto the shelves of many museums, colleges and institutions, both here and worldwide and The Sampler Guild is proud to be associated with its publishing. Available Now!

"I thought you might like to know that Vivien Crellin’s book was listed by the Mayflower Sampler Guild as one of their favourite sampler books ever, and that the list has been published on legacy" - Linda 

Tokens of Love by Vivien Crellin is priced as follows:

TSG members - £18.00 plus postage and packing
Non-members - £20.00 plus p & p.
Cost to institutions, museums and colleges - £15.00 plus p & p for orders of ten or more.

To place your order for this very special book, please contact Linda.


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