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This is a reprint of an article that appeared in newsletter no. 6  - Joanne Lukacher wrote about Vassar College samplers:

The bequests of Emmeline Reed Bedell and Elizabeth Gillmer Packard have given Vassar an outstanding study collection of womenís samplerís that promises to elicit widespread public appreciation as well as an array of historical interpretations from the academic community at Vassar and beyond. In recognition of this potential to engage students and scholars from many disciplines The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center has embarked upon an initiative of conservation designed to preserve and protect these historic collections while simultaneously enhancing  the accessibility of these extraordinary textiles.

The average cost per sampler for conservation treatment is eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars.  Friends and alumnae are invited to participate in this effort by sponsoring an individual sampler. Diana Altegoer of Vassarís Office of Development is writing grants to save Vassarís samplers.   Diana invites individuals to ďadopt a samplerĒ and enjoy a real part in preserving these pieces of artistic, historical and cultural significance.  To learn more about the sampler adoption project contact Diana Altegoer directly at:

Email: dialtegoer@vassar.edu  Website:  www.aavc.vassar.edu/vq/summer2002/articles/features/samplers.html

Then in newsletter no. 12 - Zeena MacLean wrote about her weekend at an exhibition Vassar had hosted adding:

Stacy Whittaker has done an amazing job reproducing 2 samplers from the collection this year. She delves into the backgrounds of the sampler makers, and is a wonderful historian, and computer expert. The 2 samplers, The 'Jane Longstreth Sampler', and the 'Almira Carmichael Sampler' can be purchased and the money will be going for the conservation effort.

In addition to the samplers, there are the 'Basket Motif Card Case' and 'Flowers and Acorn Box'.

Below we have illustrations of the reproductions and their costs.  All proceeds apart from the postage and packing will go towards conserving Vassar Samplers.

Should any of you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




 Almira Martha Carmichael
£15.00 plus postage and packing

Jane Longstreth
£18.00 plus postage and packing



 Flower and Acorn Box
£10.00 for the chart
plus postage and packing

 Basket Motif Card Case
£13.00 including the thread and pencil
plus postage and packing

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