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It is with great pleasure we are announcing a new division of The Sampler Guild  -   Sampler Guild Research.

For quite a while there have been three separate avenues of research carried out by Ruth Taylor - Crows Feet Stitching, Jacob de Graaf – Modern Folk Embroidery and Linda Hadden – The Sampler Guild.  We realized that joining forces and sharing the information and knowledge we each have, it all started to make sense.  During the last six months there has been a vast amount of research and discussion around a sampler motif that we have come to know as Solomon’s Porch. 

The results of our combined efforts have culminated in a preliminary paper, available on The Sampler Guild website under the heading of Research Papers. 

All TSG members will receive a copy of the paper.  It will also be sent out to the sampler world during the next few days.

Please note that there is still much research to undertake on this subject.  We have only just scratched the surface and have already started a second paper with more of our findings.

In addition to this, there is also a great deal of research being undertaken into other sampler motifs and genres.  There will be other papers published in due course.



Venue - Magna Science Centre, Rotherham.

Should you wish to purchase a ticket, or require further information,

please email or visit

Please feel free to spread the word to your friends, local stitch groups and guilds.

Witney Antiques

The Witney Antiques exhibition catalogue is in hard back cover for the first time, 128 pages and full colour!

This is slightly different from usual, in that it forms the first part of a two volume publication cataloguing a large number of early modern schoolgirl needlework.

The exhibition is also the first of two consecutive exhibitions, both entitled "Choice and Precious Work, Treasures from the Schoolroom 1650 - 1750".

The first is subtitled "Elizabeth Hall and Friends" and is based around needlework produced by several generations of a single family,

and comparing it to pieces made by their contemporaries.

The cost is £35.00 per copy plus postage and packing.

To order a copy, please let me know ASAP as I need to place my order with Witney Antiques, Thank you.


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